Welcome to my website. Here you can find a list of links and other stuff. Links leading to an external site beyond my control are labeled “(ext)”. Links leading to a site on one of my servers, but where you may be tracked by third parties, are labeled “*”. Any account on any website that is not listed here may be an impersonation. See the “Other stuff” section for a list of accounts on different sites.


EmailYou can encrypt your email to me using my GPG key below.info@klaus-uwe.me
XMPPAlso known as Jabber, this is the best way to send me instant messages. Use OTR keys below.kumitterer@myxmpp.at
social.msMy GNU Social instance. For those of you on Quitter (ext) or others.https://social.ms/kumitterer
TwitterThe only social network I actively use. and https://twitter.com/kumitterer/ (ext)
BitmessageAnother way of sending me messages.BM-NBhSKKKts5NjdcsMVmNjzJuPwAyUU2yb
PhoneThe freecall number may only be available from within Austria. So if you need to get in touch from abroad, try the other number or consider one of the other possibilities.+43 800 802442
+43 720 116158
DonateAll this stuff here costs money. And I'm a student, so...https://klaus-uwe.me/donate/
PressI've been in a local newspaper one time or another.https://klaus-uwe.me/press/

Web services

aptA repository with self-packaged stuff. See the "Mirrors" section for an Ubuntu package mirrorhttp://debs.klaus-uwe.me/
EtherpadCollaborative editorhttps://pad.klaus-uwe.me/
Firefox SyncA server you can use to sync your Firefox data with other deviceshttps://sync.klaus-uwe.me/
gitMy git repositoryhttp://git.klaus-uwe.me/
GlobeTor relay and bridge explorerhttp://globe.klaus-uwe.me/
KeepTweets.atA site that stores deleted tweets by Austrian politicians.http://keeptweets.at/*
MyXMPP.atPublic XMPP/Jabber serverhttps://myxmpp.at/
PGP keyserverPublic PGP/GPG keyserverhttp://keys.klaus-uwe.me/
YSDURL shortenerhttps://ysd.be/


2048Reach the 2048 tile by merging two equal tileshttp://2048.klaus-uwe.me/
ColorsBasically the same thing as 2048 (see above), but without numbers - you only see the colors! This game is available from my git repository (web services section above)http://colors.klaus-uwe.me/
Flappy 2048Fly through a 2048 style world with a tile in Flappy Bird stylehttp://flappy2048.klaus-uwe.me/


Mirrored projectDescriptionhttpftprsync
ApacheCurrent software releases from the Apache Software Foundation projectshttp://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/apache/ftp://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/apache/rsync://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/apache/
CTANComprehensive TeX Archive Networkhttp://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/ctan/ftp://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/ctan/rsync://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/ctan/
GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Programhttp://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/gimp/ftp://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/gimp/rsync://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/gimp/
MariaDBAn enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQLhttp://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/mariadb/ (ext)ftp://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/mariadb/rsync://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/mariadb/
Savannah (nongnu)Software forge for people committed to free softwarehttp://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/nongnu/ftp://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/nongnu/rsync://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/nongnu/
UbuntuPackages of the latest release and latest LTS releasehttp://mirror3.klaus-uwe.me/ubuntu/ftp://mirror3.klaus-uwe.me/ubuntu/rsync://mirror3.klaus-uwe.me/ubuntu/
VideoLANVLC media playerhttp://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/videolan/ftp://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/videolan/rsync://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/videolan/
VIMVi IMprovedhttp://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/vim/ftp://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/vim/rsync://mirror.klaus-uwe.me/vim/
XfceDesktop Environmenthttp://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/xfce/ftp://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/xfce/rsync://mirror2.klaus-uwe.me/xfce/


AddressDescriptionGPG encryption24/7 service
info@klaus-uwe.meMain email address for pretty much everything. Sending your email there can hardly be wrong.
klaus-uwe.mitterer@junge-gruene.at (ext)My email for Young Green stuff
klaus-uwe.mitterer@edu.fh-joanneum.at (ext)Used for university stuff. You won't want to send an email there unless you're a fellow student.
klaus-uwe@oeh-joanneum.at (ext)For all student representation issues
klausuwe.mitterer@oeh.univie.ac.at (ext)My email address for ÖH Uni Wien IT emergencies
klaus-uwe.mitterer@knapp.com (ext)This address is only in use when I work at KNAPP. If I ever need to contact you regarding my work, you might get an email from this address.
abuse@klaus-uwe.meEach of my domains has its own abuse email address (abuse@example.com), but if you need to report something urgently, this is the address you should use.
kumitterer@fsfe.org (ext)Like giving this one out at IG events
mitterer3@gmail.com (ext)Yes, I really have a Gmail address. This is my fallback in case nothing else works. You should not send anything to this address unless I send you something from it.


Mail signing/encryptionGPG0x8CEC4BD8


Virtual FriendsPoetry / Sonnet31/07/2014

Other stuff (accounts,…)

Ask.fmYou can ask me questions there if you'd like.http://ask.fm/kumitterer/ (ext)
FacebookThat weird social network everyone hates and loves at the same time. Except for me, I hate it. Use it only for poking back friends.https://facebook.com/kumitterer/ (ext)
Google+Sounded like a cool thing to have back in the day, turned out not to be. Still have it. Add me if you like.https://google.com/+KlausUweMitterer (ext)
LinkedInAnother social network I'm using.https://www.linkedin.com/pub/klaus-uwe-mitterer/[...] (ext)
SkypeIf you totally have to, send me a message on Skype, I might be there.kumitterer (ext)
Tor relayI am an extremist operating a Tor relay. Check out my stats.http://globe.klaus-uwe.me/[...]
QuoraTrying to share my knowledge with the world. Failing to do so.https://www.quora.com/Klaus-Uwe-Mitterer-1 (ext)

Terms of use

All of my public web services are offered pro bono publico. I’m trying my best to make sure that they are safe and fun to use, but I am not liable for any damages caused by malfunctions, intrusions etc. If you find any bugs or vulnerabilities, please report them immediately using one of my email addresses.

Services which allow you to share content, like ysd.be or thebin.me, can be used for any purpose as long as the content shared is not illegal (most notably: child pornography). Any illegal content will be deleted immediately, any relevant information may be handed over to investigating authorities. If you would like to report such abuse, please use the abuse email address.

Privacy / Data Protection

While using this site, small files, so called “cookies”, may be stored on your computer. Also, anonymized data about your computer and browser may be stored in my database by my web analytics system. Such data includes your browser version, operating system, screen resolution and referring site. This information is used to optimize your experience on this site. All data is stored on my servers only, unauthorized access by third parties is not possible – except for the NSA maybe. If you enable “Do Not Track” in your browser, no data about you will be stored in my database. Otherwise you can opt out of tracking by clicking the following link and unchecking the box: Opt-out (ironically, this sets a cookie)